Burger She Wrote...

Vegan Dessert - Mcdonalds

Burger She Wrote…

May 04 , 2014 by: Amber Trudeau Cookies, Cupcakes

Mmmm…burgers? What are these doing in a vegan dessert blog?

It’s because they’re actually dessert! Burger patties are made of dates,figs, raisins and coconut and then I cooked them on the stove to give them that burger-y look…Buns made of vanilla-almond cupcakes. There’s a “cheese sauce” base made of tofutti cream cheese+icing sugar and orange zest. Apple slices for onions, coconut for the shredded lettuce, strawberry “tomatoes” and (though you can’t see it in this picture), chopped kiwi “relish”..


…all in the name of being able to finally let Kevin’s dad be able to have McDonalds for his birthday (I admit that this is the one kind of McDonald’s I will eat ). Oh and those “french fries” you ask? They’re lemon sugar cookies cut into fry shapes and dipped into raspberry jam “ketchup”


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