Christmas Cookies 2014

How the Grinch Stole Cookies (aka Christmas Cookies 2014)

November 20 , 2014 by: Amber Trudeau Candy, Cookies

I bring you both the legend, and a photo of the cookies in their “real-life” ready-to-be-transported form. I figured I would add multiple visuals of this eye “candy” for your drooling pleasure 🙂 (yes! a terrible pun that works on both levels!)

Here’s the sneak preview of the Christmas cookie offerings for 2014 – I can’t believe I’m done! 16 different cookies this year, so definitely a brand new record (if I keep up this trend of increasing my number of cookies every year, I think I’ll need to rent a storage locker to keep them all in in a few years!)

REVISED Cristmas Cookies Legend 2014

Now I know it’s sacrilegious to even bring up the “C” word before December, but what can I say? I bake a lot of stuff and I like to have it done before all the Christmas hullabaloo really gets started. This of course does not mean that I won’t bake other things in the meantime as well (although I admit to feeling guilty about doing so when our freezer is literally unusable at the moment due to the almost criminal number of cookies filling it)

There’s some oldies but goodies on this list, but I also added a bunch of new stuff. I actually had 2 other new things I’d wanted to include as well, but time (although mostly due to lack of freezer space) made me have to whittle the list down to only the 16 items seen here. To accommodate all the new stuff though, I sadly had to scrap some old deliciousness, but I think you’ll agree it was well worth it (and who knows? some of them may be back next year instead) 🙂



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