Can I Get a Crème Egg? But Hold the Crème and the Egg

March 30 , 2014 by: Amber Trudeau Candy

I don’t know about anyone else, but I used to love those Cadbury Crème Eggs at Easter. Sure, we all know they’re not exactly the healthiest thing you could possibly eat, but if I’ve learned nothing else about Easter, it’s that it’s a holiday with it’s own 4 food groups: Sugar, Chocolate, Creaminess (textures can be food groups right?) and ummm….did I say sugar?

I weirdly wouldn’t think about crème eggs the rest of the year, but I would definitely treat myself to them whenever they crossed my path during the Easter season (FYI – “crossing my path” also includes impulse buying them when they’re at the checkout counter line, so maybe I was having a few too many 😉 ).

I now have obviously not had one in years which is a sad, sad state of affairs 🙁 This year however, I figured it was time to change all that. I would make my own “no crème, no egg” vegan crème eggs. I mean how hard could it be? We all know they’re basically sugar. Despite the bad rap it has, vegan does not (and I truly cannot stress this enough) mean that something is healthy. Generally speaking, sugar is vegan. I only mention this because I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ll bring a vegan dessert of some kind somewhere and have someone make a comment along the lines of “….but at least they’re healthy for me.” Lies, it’s all lies. Does this really look healthy to you?

Creme eggs1

For these babies however I just might try talking myself into them being nutritious and delicious (assuming of course that the nutrition guidelines have been changed to “100% sugar all the time”…that happened right?). Not to toot my own horn, but I must say that these turned out way better than I could’ve hoped. I will even go so far as to say that they’re better than regular crème eggs. Yes, I can hear you from here with your sputtering and shouts of “sacrilege!” and “burn the witch!!” However, before you start preparing the pyre and stabbing me through the heart with a stake (in case you also thought I might be a vampire and were trying to cover all your bases), I will have you know that I had more than 1 non-vegan tell me that they were better. So I did my research and have at least 2 external sources as evidence to corroborate this theory.

This may now have to become an annual tradition – maybe with some trial runs in January…and February…and March…and ummm…all the time.



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