Eat, Drink and Be Merry…But Mostly Drink ;) : Frangipane My Dear, I Don’t Give a Cran (berry)

December 27 , 2015 by: Amber Trudeau Beverages, Other Desserts

Alright, we’ve reached the final beverages post for the month! For those of you who are anti liquid-ites, you’re terrible suffering will shortly come to an end. Now I can’t believe the first three posts were alcohol free either, but obviously at least one of these would be required to include some sort of intoxicating substance (beyond my personality of course – because every post contains that awesome sauce 😉 ).

To make up for my lack in the alcohol post department, I’ve pretty much made this the equivalent of four drinks in one (both in terms of ingredients and in terms of alcohol content…you’re welcome 😉 ). I don’t recommend indulging in too many of these because they are not for the faint of heart (which I learned the hard way by drinking a couple of them at an ugly Christmas sweater party and then proceeding to fall asleep on the couch before 11pm like the old man I am *embarrassed face*. Sorry Tara – and thanks for the use of your couch! 🙂 )…though it’s perfectly acceptable for the feint of heart. You know, because that would basically have to be a robot…or someone with a robotic heart…or someone who’s an evil villain and likely heartless at which point I have no concern for their welfare if they overindulge. In fact, if they do overindulge, it might make said evil villain easier to defeat! Look at that, I’m stepping up my superhero role to save the world from all even genius’. This blog is solving so so many of the world’s problems, I don’t know how the universe has ever survived without it (there I did it, I’ve included the requisite “learning” into this post. Go homonyms! …and I’ve also included a soupçon of modesty 😉 ).

Now anyone who knows anything about frangipane (that’s everyone right? 😉 ) will likely be looking at this title and thinking to themselves “ummm…that’s not a drink. Clearly Amber’s been getting too deep into the lumpy beer and has confused solids with liquids. There’s no way this can end well.” On the one hand you would be correct as frangipane is technically ‘…a filling made from or flavoured with almonds” (go Wikipedia!). However, I recommend you stop being so short sighted and start embracing the crossover of flavours of desserty comestibles into their even more easily ingestible liquacious counterparts. (I’m using all these big words just to prove to you that I’m not drunk while I write this post. That’s totally convinced you right?)

Cranberries #1

photo courtesy of my brother Lincoln (thanks for capturing this!)

Though this photo ended up being a bit grainy due to my needing to enlarge it somewhat, a part of me kind of likes it better this way to be honest since it’s representative of how you will view the world as you drink more and more of these (you can choose to take that to mean that the world starts to look fuzzier and fuzzier or you can look at it as meaning that the world will start to drown in a sweet sweet sea of cranberries…cranberries and pointy sticks that is. Your choice 😉 ).

Frangipane with Sugared Cranberries


  • 2 1/2 oz vanilla vodka (or regular vodka is fine too, I just preferred the vanilla-y addition)
  • 1/4 oz amaretto
  • 1/4 oz limoncello
  • splash of raspberry sourpuss (or other berry flavoured liqueur, or even grenadine would work here in a pinch)
  • sugared cranberries on a skewer for garnish (optional – I used this recipe)
  • cranberry infused sugar for rimming the glass (optional – just add a few drops of cranberry or cherry or some other red juice to sugar and dip rim of glass in it)


  1. Add the first three ingredients to a martini shaker full of ice and shake shake shake.
  2. Pour into sugar rimmed (if using) martini glass.
  3. Add a splash of raspberry sourpuss and garnish with skewered sugared cranberries.


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