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In my amazing mind reading abilities way, I can tell that you’re thinking “Amber, we’ve seen macrons before on this very blog. In fact, we’ve seen them twice! Way to repeat – I think you should rename your blog “one trick pony”” and then you make a dismissive hand gesture in my general direction. First […]

I know I’ve a had few times on this blog where I’ve mentioned that I’m not always the biggest cake fan (although that is more because most cakes have one (or more) of the following issues in my personal opinion. 1. Too dry, 2. Too dense (but not in a good, fudgey brownie way, more […]

I know, I know, you didn’t come here to get “health-ified” (and if you did, I strongly apologize as you have been, in general, grievously misled). Sometimes though, we all like something that’s desserty, but not overly sweet. Am I right? Or is that just me? There’s very little sugaryness in these. In fact virtually all […]

So I bet you’re thinking that you didn’t read that title correctly, am I right? Or else you’re thinking “but Amber, I thought this was a baking blog? What up with the dinner/ lunch item (or cold for breakfast. Mmmmmmm……) that is the Margherita pizza?” Well worry not fair reader. you are neither going crazy […]

We Canadians may be known for our politeness and overly apologetic natures, but all of that’s about to change (err…sorry 😉 ) with these cookies. I’d happily knock over my own grandmother (à la George Costanza) for one of these morsels of creamy strawberry maple-y goodness. I mean, I’m a bit biased in that I […]

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Hi, I'm Amber Trudeau.  I bake.... a lot.

I'm also vegan, and found that whenever I went out to a restaurant my dessert choices were limited to sorbet, sorbet, and sorbet.  So I started making my own desserts. I wanted them to taste good though - so my ultimatum was to make delicious desserts that also happen to be dairy-free and egg-free. Every week or so, I challenge myself to try something new.  To recreate some kind of traditional dessert that tastes amazing without using animal products.

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